Our mission statement

Our business activities are focused on micro-technology and nano-technology and related products.

Our products and technologies are intended to be inspirational, high-quality and competitive, and open new opportunities to our customers. We consistently focus on market leadership in all of our businesses.

Focus on micro-technology and nano-technology and related products | Mission Statement

Growth through innovation

We think innovatively and consistently find new ways to transform product and technology ideas into marketable high-tech products. Through research and development, innovative business ideas, and strategic company development to be close to the customer and the market, we create new products and fields of business and commit ourselves to strong, long-term company growth.

Knowledge as the foundation

We promote, use and document our major patentable ideas, as well as our many smaller ideas, products and process improvements, and keep them confidential within the company. Good knowledge management is the foundation of our company.

Customers for the long term

We win over customers throughout the world with our products, services, speed and customer orientation, and gain their long-term loyalty. Therefore we work every day to add value for our customers. Our reliability should build trust in customers, including through our handling of sensitive information. We aim for long-term relationships with our customers and business partners, marked by fairness, trust, honestly and reliability.

Diversity as a plus

As a worldwide company, our goal is to achieve success in international markets and network employees and others across cultural borders. Our cultural roots are in Germany, but at the same time we view diversity as a plus and as the prerequisite for worldwide success.

People at the center

Our strengths come from the respectful cooperation of shareholders, management and all employees. Qualified, committed employees have participated in the success of temicon GmbH in the past and in the present.

We have made it our task to hire people with unique capabilities who help and share responsibility in raising our standard of performance. We recognize and support our talented employees. We view performance and recognition, transparency and open communication, the ability to learn and develop creatively, responsibility and identity as the prerequisites to continuous success.

Values through foresight

We rely on sustainable and far-sighted corporate development that creates value and is not focused on short-term profit interest and capital speculation. Our business is based on responsibility, but also on the courage to embark on new paths with great opportunity and calculated risk.