Die temicon wünscht frohe Weihnachten und ein gutes neues Jahr 2019!

temicon wishes you Merry Christmas and a Happy News Year 2019!

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thinking nano

Our Brands

temicon’s extensive expertise in the field of micro- and nano-structuring is reflected in our brands that have been developed over the last years.

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LEDs are increasingly used as a light source. Advantages are higher energy efficiency, longer lifetime, small size and adjustable light colors.

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The display industry is one of the fastest growing high-tech areas.

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Life Science

In drug development microfluidic structures on so-called lab-on-a-chip help already in early stages to reduce development times and costs due to reduced consumption of drug ingredients.

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Photonic & Elektronic

In the application areas of photonics and electronics micro- and nanostructures play an important role. This is especially true for the conversion of photons into electrons and vice versa.

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Nature provides a variety of solutions in the field of micro- and nano-structured surfaces.

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Technology leader in micro/nano fabrication

temicon is a global technology leader and series producer of micro- and nanostructured films, components and functional surfaces. Our products are key components in lighting and optical systems, displays and life science products. Photolithography, electroforming, injection molding and roll nanoimprint are the key technologies for volume production.

Functional nanostructures, such as the surface of a moth’s eye or shark skin, are invisible to the human eye. However, they have an incredibly impressive effect and can be used in various applications.

Micro/Nano Structures or microparts help to enhance the functionality of a technical product or make the development of such a product possible in the first place.

temicon has committed itself to the development and production of "detailed solutions", with regard to small quantities as well as full production of thousands or even millions of micro- or nanostructured components. In order to fulfil customer’s requirements temicon works by means of UV-LiGA technologies.

Take advantage of our know-how to ensure the successful realization of your products!

Our Brands

holotools® stands as brand for large area and seamless imprint tools

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temilux® is the brand for innovative optical LED-lighting elements

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TEMICOAT®, the brand for total solutions in the field of Roll-UV-Imprint

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