Mission Statement

1. Focus on Micro/Nano

We focus our activities on products and technologies in micro- and nanotechnologies. Our products and technologies should be exciting, high-quality, and competitive and open up new opportunities for our customers. We continuously strive to lead the market in our business areas.

2. Growth through Innovation

We think innovatively and constantly find ways to transform new products and technology ideas into marketable high-tech products. Through research and development, innovative business ideas, contact with the customer and market, and strategic company development, we desire to create new products and business areas to foster a high degree of sustainable company growth.

3. Knowledge as the foundation

We wish to promote, use, document, and safeguard our important, patent-capable ideas, but especially the numerous smaller ideas, as confidential within the company. Good knowledge management provides the foundation of our company.

4. Long-term customer

We want to persuade, gain, and bind our customers throughout the world to trust our company with our speed and our products. That’s why we work every day on creating added value for our customers. Our reliability is intended to build trust with our customer, including handling of sensitive information. We concentrate on partnership and long-term relationships with our customers and business partners that are characterised by fairness, trust, honesty, and reliability.

5. The advantage of diversity

We wish to develop a worldwide active company with the objective of operating successfully in worldwide markets and networking people and employees internationally, across cultural borders. Our cultural roots are in Germany, but we also consider international diversity an advantage and a requirement for worldwide success.

6. People are the focus

We achieve our strength through respectful cooperation between partners, managers, and all of our employees. Qualified and dedicated employees have contributed to the success of temicon GmbH up until now. We’ve made it our task to employee people with unique skills, who can help develop, support, and increase our standard of service. We recognise our talents and foster them. Performance and recognition, transparency and open communication, ability to learn and creative development, responsibility and identity as requirements for continued success.

7. Values through vision

We focus on sustainable and visionary company development that creates values and are not centred on short-term interest in profit and capital speculation. Our business activities are based on responsibility and the courage to go new ways and take big chances and calculated risks.

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