Mission Statement

1. Focus on Micro/Nano

Our entrepreneurial activities focus on micro- and nanotechnology products and technologies. We offer competitive and high-quality products and technologies that open up new opportunities to our customers. Market leadership in our business areas is what we strive for at any time.

2. Growth through Innovation

Focussing on the creation of new products and business areas by means of research and development, innovative business ideas, customer focus, market orientation as well as strategic corporate development, we count on a substantial and long-term growth of our company.

3. Knowledge as a key element

We feel that it is essential to promote, use, and document not only our major patentable ideas but also all those many little ideas for product and process improvements and to keep them within the company. A sound knowledge management is the key element and basis of our company.

4. Long-term customer relationships

Our products and services as well as our promptness and customer orientation are crucial for convincing and winning new customers from all over the world and establishing long-term customer relationships. We pride ourselves in our reliability, which is important to gain our customers‘ confidence, in particular where confidential information are concerned. Our objective is to establish lasting business partnerships as opposed to making quick profits.

5. Diversity is value

We are determined to establish a globally operating company that is intent on maintaining its major production sites and jobs within Germany. Our cultural roots are in Germany, yet we see that international diversity is of great value and a requirement to ensure global success.

6. Focussing on people

We are fully aware of our social responsibility with regard to bringing people together in a working environment that is defined by their collaboration, contribution and willingness to take on responsibility. In our opinion performance and appreciation, transparency and open communication as well as willingness to learn and creativity are major requirements for success.

7. Foresight creates value

We are committed to creating a sustainable corporate development with foresight that creates value and is not geared to quick profits and speculation.