Metal Parts with various functions

temicon is producing high precision metal microparts on industrial scale via lithography and electroforming. Whenever traditional methods such as metal cutting, embossing, laser
cutting or photo etching reach their limits, our innovative technologies come into play.

 » See also: LiGa = Lithography und Electroforming (Galvanoforming)

Typically, a large number of metal components are produced in one batch and separated afterwards, which enables a high quality and cost-efficient volume production. The
micro structures have dimensions of several 100 µm down to 100 nm.

Micro membranes and micro sieves are used in a variety of applications, for example, in environmental engineering, food, pharma, life science, optical, fluidic, mechanical or electronic systems.

The micro-hole structures are for example used for filtration, separation, metering and vaporization. The small parts are often keystone components of high-tech equipment and devices. Another important field of application are micro-perforated stencils and shadow masks for screen printing or PVD processes.

Metal Parts – Specifications

material soft-nickel(~200–250HV 0,1)
hard-nickel(~600–650HV 0,1)
coating gold-plated(galvanic (2–3 µm)
sputtered(~0,1 µm)
blackened(chromium 2–3 µm)
black nickel (some nanometers)
outer dimensions soft-nickel (480 mm x 580 mm)
hard-nickel(370 mm x 470 mm)
thickness 5 µm – 320 µm
structure size 0,3 µm – several millimeters
hole profile Cylindrical profile
2-step profilel
Trumpet profile

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