In the sixties it has been found that surface structures of a motheye show a significantly reduction of light reflection. This charateristic plays an important role especially for applications in optics or display technology.

temicon is manufacturer of motheye structures by means of laser-interference-lithography up to sizes of 1 m².

  • Reduction of the specular reflection over the complete visible range of the spectrum (400 nm – 700 nm) down to 0.2 % only.
  • Even for large angles of incidence of 40° the reflection amounts only 0.5 %.

The advantages of antireflective surfaces are significant especially for polymer lens systems which usually consists of several lenses in sequence.

Beside the technical advantages motheye patterns can be replicated in a very cost efficient way. Instead of using very expensive vacuum processes the structures are produced at temicon economically by injection molding or UV-roll imprint.

Antireflection Structures

available as available materials available dimensions up to*
PR-Master photoresist on glass 960 mm x 720 mm
Shim Nickel 560 mm x 450 mm
Sleeve Nickel width: 1.000 mm; diameter: approx. 360 mm
Injection molding insert Nickel, NiP 300 mm x 200 mm
Injection molding part PC, PMMA, COP, COC 140 mm x 100 mm
Patterned foil PET, PC, ... width: 580 mm; max. patterned width: 550 mm
Patterned plate PC, PMMA, glass... 600 mm x 1.000 mm; max. patterned width: 550 mm
Masterfoil PET, PC... width: 600 mm; max. patterned width: 550 mm

*These are approximate values. For variant requirements please contact us.

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