Many applications (e.g. optical metrology, sensor technique, automotive or lighting) require a defined scattering of light while maintaining the spectral characteristics is essential. Examples or typical applications are:

  • measurement and sensor technology
  • automotive
  • lighting

» Please refer also to our brand temilux® for innovative lighting concepts.

Diffusers are used as optical components for scattering of light. temicon as manufacturer and supplier offers both circular diffusers with customized diffusor angles as well as linear diffusers which scatter the light into one plane only. Moreover a substrate can be structured with different diffuser patterns in order to create locally different effects. In contrast to conventional diffusers the temicon structures allow superior transmission values of 90% and beyond.

This technology provides completely new opportunities of light design.


available as available materials available dimensions up to*
PR-Master photoresist on glass 960 mm x 720 mm
Shim Nickel 560 mm x 450 mm
Sleeve Nickel width: 1.000 mm; diameter: approx. 360 mm
Injection molding insert Nickel, NiP 300 mm x 200 mm
Injection molding part PC, PMMA, COP, COC 140 mm x 100 mm
Patterned foil PET, PC, ... width: 580 mm; max. patterned width: 550 mm
Patterned plate PC, PMMA, glass... 600 mm x 1.000 mm; max. patterned width: 550 mm
Masterfoil PET, PC... width: 600 mm; max. patterned width: 550 mm

*These are approximate values. For variant requirements please contact us.

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