Microfluidic Structures

Microfluidic structures are applied in lab-on-a-chip systems in Life science applications in order to enable the investigation or control of smallest amounts of liquids in the nanoliter range.

The format of microfluidic-chips is often equal to slides (26 mm x 76 mm). Such chips combine different functions like transport, separation, mixing, storage and controlling of biomedical liquids. Typical dimensions of microfluidic structures range from some microns up to several hundreds of microns. Such dimensions for micro channels and cavities are often beyond the limits of conventional machining processes.

The fluidic structures of temicon made by lithography offer in such cases the advantage of highly precise structure dimensions, low surface roughness and minimized rounding of edges.

Microfluidic Structures

available as available materials available dimensions up to*
Shim Nickel 560 mm x 450 mm
Sleeve Nickel width: 1.000 mm; diameter: approx. 360 mm
Injection molding insert Nickel, NiP 300 mm x 200 mm
Injection molding part PC, PMMA, COP, COC 140 mm x 100 mm
Patterned foil PET, PC, ... width: 580 mm; max. patterned width: 550 mm
Patterned plate PC, PMMA, glass... 600 mm x 1.000 mm; max. patterned width: 550 mm
Masterfoil PET, PC... width: 600 mm; max. patterned width: 550 mm

*These are approximate values. For variant requirements please contact us.

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