Microlens Arrays

Microlens arrays (MLA) of manufactuer temicon are used for different applications e.g. light guides, light collimation in PV- moduls, optical systems, 3D-effects and much more.


For 3D sensor technology, MLA-based light projectors are used to create light patterns on objects. Typical applications are e.g. face or component recognition. temicon offers MLA based light projectors in a variety of lens geometries and chip designs which can also be retrofitted into existing sensors.


The temicon microlens arrays are produced via a combination between lithography- and reflow processes. Different spherical lenses within wide parameter range for lens radius, -height and -arrangement can be realized.

The unique temicon technology allows the production of MLAs in a gapless format, i.e. without spaces between the single lenses. MLAs are available with different arrangements such as hexagonal, linear, square, rectangular or with stochastic distribution.

Mikrolinsen – Parameter

Lens geometry spherical, cylindrical, concave, convex
Lens arrangement linear, rectangular, square, hexagonal, with or without gap, stochastic arrangement
Grid 1 µm bis 300 µm
Lens height 1 µm bis 75 µm
Lens radius < 160 µm
Surface roughness < 50 nm, optical quality

Microlens Arrays

available as available materials available dimensions up to*
PR-Master photoresist on glass 375 mm x 375 mm
Shim Nickel 325 mm x 325 mm
Sleeve Nickel width: 1.000 mm; diameter: approx. 360 mm
Injection molding insert Nickel, NiP 300 mm x 200 mm
Injection molding part PC, PMMA, COP, COC 140 mm x 100 mm
Patterned foil PET, PC, ... width: 580 mm; max. patterned width: 550 mm
Patterned plate PC, PMMA, glass... 600 mm x 1.000 mm; max. patterned width: 550 mm
Masterfoil PET, PC... width: 600 mm; max. patterned width: 550 mm

*These are approximate values. For variant requirements please contact us.

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