holotools® Nanoimprint Tools

Periodic and stochastic micro and nanostructures

The holotools® brand stands for large area and seamless imprint tools.

holotools® uses laser-interference-lithography as a parallel exposure process. The nanostructure is not written sequencially in lines, but exposed in one shot without any seam. Therefore, this technology is especially applicable for very large formats offering a unique origination method for a variety of micro- and nanostructures.

holotools® patterns in polymers and films are in use in a wide diversity of applications around the globe. holotools® imprint tools are used for injection molding and roll imprint processes which enable a high efficiency and cost effectiveness for massproduction of micro- and nanopatterns.

holotools® stands for:

  • homogeneous, large format origination up to 1m²
  • seamless on flat substrates
  • seamless on curved surfaces and cylindrical sleeve substrates
  • perfect periodicity
  • antireflection structures (moth eyes)
  • diffractive gratings and bionical grid-structures
  • customized stochastical surface diffusers with highest transmission values
  • combined structures (e.g. antiglare combined with antirefelction structures)

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