TEMICOAT® – Your One-Stop-Shop Solution

In cooperation with the leading machine manufacturer Coatema Coating Machinery GmbH we offer entire solution packages in the field of roll-UV-nanoimprint under the joint brand TEMICOAT®.

These packages comprises equipment, roll tools, resins and processes from a single source. In several cases our customers are interested to implement the roll-nanoimprint process inline of their own production enviroment. For these demands we supply a one-stop-shop solution that covers the entire project from planning to the turnkey handover of equipment and processes, including product guarantee.

Equipment Technology

TEMICOAT® combines the expertise of temicon in the field of nanoimprint, tooling and processes with the extensive experience of Coatema in industrial roller coating, laminating and printing plants. We have a modular system platform for roll-to-roll and roll-to-plate processes with the nanoimprint process as a central process. Typical roll widths of the imprint machines are between 100 mm and 2000 mm.

Nanoimprint Tools

The scope of offering includes micro- and nanostructured sleeves of nickel, which are geometrically exactly adapted to the core cylinder of the roll nanoimprint equipment - click and run. In this way, maximum productivity is ensured on customer site. The sleeves are equipped with the wide range of structural variants according to customer specifications.


temicon’s masterfilms are used as transparent, flexible and endless embossing tools, both in roll-to-roll and roll-to-plate imprint processes. Unlike the nickel tools, the masterfilm is flexible and transparent, so that the UV-light can be applied through the master film. This process variant is particularly suitable for the nanoimprint on rigid or opaque substrates.

Processes and Product Guarantee

The technology of UV roll nanoimprint combines two major advantages over other roll structuring processes such as hot embossing: high fidelity of finest and challenging micro- and nanostructures and high-speed replication for economical mass production.

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