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temicon wishes you Merry Christmas and a Happy News Year 2018!

temilux®: The family of Lighting Elements

For large format LED lighting concepts

temilux® is the brandname for innovative optical elements for LED lighting.

temilux® stands for light panels and films with micro- or nanostructured surfaces for large format
illumination concepts. Leading lighting manufactures uses our optical elements to
set new design trends in the illumination of rooms, ceilings, walls or objects.

The micro- or nanostructures of the temilux® optical systems are invisible to the eye but take full effect in distributing light in a defined and energy-efficient way.
The micro- and nanostructured optical panels are produced by economic roll-to-roll and roll-to-plate processes on glass plates, PMMA or other polymers.

temilux® stands for:

  • Large Format Lighting
  • Flat Design
  • High Efficiency
  • Tailored Light Distribution
  • Invisible Microstructures
  • Aesthetic Light Effects
  • 3D Light Effects

temilux® LG

temilux® LG

LED light is coupled into the temilux® LG element via the edge and is out-coupled by micro-patterns applied on the surface. These micro-patterns allow a single side out-coupling of the LED light resulting in an improved light efficiency.

Custom tailored light distributions e.g. Gauss or batwing light distributions with different out-coupling angles are possible. The thickness of the temilux® LG elements ranges from 0.5 mm up to several millimeters.

With our in-house equipment and technology also large panel sizes up to 1000mm x 1600mm can be realized. The microstructured surfaces of temilux® LG are protected by a film or plate to ensure long-term performance and easy cleaning conditions.

temilux® TO

temilux® TO

The temilux® TO element works like a “beam shaper” and transfers the incoming light into a defined light distribution. These transmission optical elements can be customized for specific light distribution curves. Linear or circular diffuser films for example can be used to convert the spot light of a LED into homogeneous light lines or areas. In contrast to conventional diffusers the temilux® TO elements allow superior transmission values of 90% and beyond.

temilux® 3D

temilux® 3D

temicon technology transforms the equation of optical physics into a new quality. temilux® 3D elements offer the possibility for a completely new approach of light design by generating 3D
light effects. Virtual luminaires in 3D or geometric light bodies free-floating into the depth or in front of you will be possible. Visible but not touchable. With this new approach the possibilities of light design are almost unlimited and open the door for new design ideas.