temilux®ID - Invisible Deglaring

Light Elements for Office Lighting

temilux®ID is the brand for modern and innovative office lighting.

temilux®ID stands for high transparent polymer plates. Non-visible micropatterns decouple the light according to the norm (UGR19) and enables the control of light in the office area. The temilux®ID elements are produced by using the cost efficient roll-to-roll (R2R) process.
Leading luminaires manufactures use our optical elements in order to set new design trends.

temilux®ID stands for:

  • Combination of deglaring and diffusor
  • Excellent controlled deglaring performance with 400lm: UGR17 or with 500lm: UGR19
  • No color shift according to the test report DIAL 2092006.001
  • No visible microstructures
  • High performance



Product variants: pure and smart

temilux®ID is available in two variants:

  • temilux®ID pure is a non-visible deglaring structure according to DIN EN12464, UGR19
  • temilux®ID smart combines deglaring and diffuser function in only one single lighting element according to DIN EN12464, UGR19

Standard size*: 300 mm x 1500 mm / material*: 2,0 mm PMMA

*Custom tailored solutions are available on request.


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