Nickel shims

Stamper, Stamp, Mould, Mold

temicon is producer of nickel shims and these shims are used for the replication of micro- and nanostructures via

For the production of a shim the processes of lithography followed by electroforming are used. Depending on the nanostructure or microstructure different lithography methods are applied: e.g. UV-lithography, laser-interference-lithography or alternative origination methods. 

The Nickel-Nickel family process

Starting from the nickel original form (or father) usually further nickel copies are possible. This is also called family process. The first nickel copy is called mother and shows the inverted structure. The following copy (son) has again the same orientation of the structure like the father shim.

Typical specifications

Dimension wafer format up to 200mm round
large format up to 500mm x 600mm
Thickness 0,02 mm to 1 mm
Material Nickel
Surface on request: non-stick Coating , NiP-hardcoating
Cutting laser cutting, wire cutting or plate-shear

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