Electroforming can be used to produce a metallic copy of patterned photoresist masters, thus transforming sensitive micro/nanostructures made of photoresist into a robust metal tool.

For this purpose, a thin metal layer is sputtered on the patterned resist surface.

Afterwards, a nickel shim is deposited by electroforming. Typical thicknesses of the shims are in the range of 50 μm up to a few millimeter. The shim is finally laser or wire cut exactly to the required dimensions and if necessary laser welded to a sleeve.

temicon is working on the development of next generation sleeves. These sleeves will be seamless, offering highest efficiency and new fields of application for patterned films.

In a similar way, metal parts are electroformed. In this case the galvanic deposition is stopped right before reaching the top of the resist pattern, thus achieving the micro-hole structures in the metal parts.

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