Injection Molding within smallest Dimensions

For the production of polymer parts with micro- and nanostructured features in medium to high quantities, temicon use state-of-the-art injection molding machines and tools.

Inserts for the tools are manufactured in-house, using lithography and electroforming steps.

Depending on the design of the component, optimized molding processes are established. We can choose from any combination of isothermal or variothermal temperature profiles used for injection molding or injection compression molding. Typical materials processed are transparent thermoplastics like PC, PMMA  COC/COP, PS or ABS depending on the application. Other thermoplastic materials can be used as well.

Our molding machines are prepared to work in a clean-room-facility and are equipped with fully automated handling robotics. Completed by in-line and off -line quality control we make sure our customers get what they need.

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