Metrology & Quality Control

The measurement and quality control of our micro- and nanostructured products are essential parts of our work at temicon.

For optical and topographical characterization of surfaces we use optical microscopes, high resolution scanning electron and scanning probe microscopes, as well as optical and mechanical profilometers. By doing so pattern sizes and –geometries can be measured with high precision on photoresist masters, tools, foils and components. Also visual inspection gives first hints on defects or irregularities. A fully automated microscope measuring station enables the scanning of surfaces and the characterization of structure features and defects.

Photospectrometry for transmission and reflectivity measurements, goniophotometers for acquisition of light distribution profiles and ellipsometry for the measurement of refractive index and layer thickness are available for the testing of optical functions.

Providing products with a high and error free quality is part of our philosophy. The quality control is performed by an independent QC-department within temicon and specially qualified personnel.

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