Roll-to-Roll / Roll-to-Plate

UV roll imprint technology is used for the replication of micro- and nanostructures into a thin UV-lacquer on wide web, flexible film and rigid materials.

temicon has developed and build up a globally unique roll-to-roll and roll-to-plate imprint technology targeting for the industrial size production of micro- and nanostructured foils and components.

Whether transparent or opaque: nearly every flexible and also rigid material, which is available roll-to-roll or in sheets, can be functionalized by micro- and nanostructures. The coating thickness of the applied UV curing lacquer can range from 8 to about 200 µm. 

It is possible to process films with a thickness between 36 µm and 250 µm and a width of up to 1150 mm with a structured width of maximum 1050 mm. This allows the imprint of pattern sizes of a some few nanometers up to 200 µm. Depending on the structure the imprint can be performed with a velocity between 2 m/min up to 50 m/min.

The UV-imprint technology used by temicon guarantees a 1:1 copy of the structures with low production costs at the same time.




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