Injection molding

With our in-house injection molding process, we produce nano- and microstructured components — in small series or large quantities, as needed. 

Injection molding inserts with functional surfaces are produced using proprietary lithography and electroforming technology.

We produce nano- and microstructured components with our in-house injection molding process | Injection molding

Injection molding for nano- and microstructures

Depending on the design of the injection molded parts, we choose the combination of isothermal and variothermal temperature profiles that are right for the injection molding or injection stamping.

In a fast prototyping process, our technology allows us to produce an injection mold pattern cost-efficiently within a few days. This eliminates the need to produce a specific injection molding insert. Designs can be promptly tested. This greatly reduces development times.

Typical materials are transparent plastics, such as PC, PMMA, COC/COP, PS and ABS. However, other thermoplastic materials can be used, depending on the application. Our injection molding machines are designed for cleanroom use. They are equipped with fully automatic robotic handling.


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