Light diffuser film

Diffuser film or sheet improves the effect of LED light sources. For OLED panels, diffusers also serve to increase the efficiency and lifetime of the displays.

temicon develops light diffusing structures that fit your product requirements. From prototyping to the production of diffuser foils or diffuser sheets on our roll-to-roll or roll-to-plate equipment.

Light diffusing film or sheet

Under our brand name temilux® we offer prefabricated structured diffusion foils. In addition, we develop individual solutions according to the wishes of lighting designers.

LEDs have a point light source. Homogeneous illumination is only made possible by the use of diffusion foils. Only the use of light diffusing foils makes the lighting effect of LED lamps pleasant.

temicon is your experienced partner in nano- and microstructuring of light-diffusing film or sheet. We achieve the desired scattering effect and transmission (light transmittance) for our customers. In light design, in addition to energy efficiency and light effect, the possibility of low-cost series production also plays an important role. Diffusion foils and sheets are produced cost-efficiently at temicon using nanoimprint.

Our systems allow seamless structuring of films or sheets up to 1 m wide. The length of the material on the roll is arbitrary. Choose diffusers with diffusion angles from 15° to 125° from our range according to your needs.

Typical applications for diffusion film or diffusion sheet: