Nozzles, microsieves and microfilters

Spray nozzles, microfilters and micromembranes down to the sub-micrometer range are used in a great many applications in medical technology, analytics and biotechnology.

There are further applications in the food industry, environmental technology, pharmacy or optical, fluidic, mechanical or electronic systems.

Various areas of application benefit from Spray nozzles, microfilters and micromembranes | Nozzles, microsieves and microfilters

High precision in series production

For nozzles, microfilters and micromembranes with hole or slit widths in the lower to sub-micrometer range — down to 300 nm — precise, reproducible setting of the hole sizes and geometries and the layer thickness are of decisive importance.

Based on special production technology, temicon can control these parameters, so that the optimal performance of the appropriate membrane for your application is ensured.


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Microsieves, microfilters, micromembranes

The micro-hole structures are used for filtration or separation, among other uses. With these micro-components, micro-organisms such as bacteria from water or food can be separated or contaminant particles filtered from the air. In other applications, microfilters are used to build particle concentrations for later analysis.

Microsieves are also used for sifting powder with defined grain sizes. The temicon technology allows manufacturing of microfilters with custom rounded edges, to optimize cleaning of clogged holes, for example.


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Spray nozzles — in µm range

temicon produces nozzle plates that have a great many highly precise microholes. For example, they are used for atomizing fluids in medical technology, analysis and biotechnology.

The components’ precision ensures a defined size of droplets within tight tolerances. The pressure arising during the atomizing process requires an adequately thick nozzle plate. It must be about ten times larger than the hole diameter. In this case, a two-step profile is recommended.


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