Das Management der temicon

Dr. Oliver Humbach

CEO und Gründer

E-Mail: humbach(at)temicon.com
Telefon: +49.231.47730-551

Markus Rawert

Ingenieur Physikalische Technik
Head of BU Films & Panels             Authorized Officer

E-Mail: rawert(at)temicon.com
Telefon: +49.231.47730-7701

Dr. Stefan Wiebach

Director Global Sales & Marketing

E-Mail: wiebach(at)temicon.com
Telefon: +49.231.47730-561

Jonathan Geukes

Ingenieur Mikro-/Nanotechnologie
Head of BU Polymer Parts

E-Mail: Geukes(at)temicon.com
Telefon: +49.231.47730-558

Thomas Ruhl

Ingenieur Physikalische Technik
Head of Technology                                   Mastering & Electroforming

E-Mail: ruhl(at)temicon.com
Telefon: +49.231.47730-553

Dr. Jörg Mick

Ingenieur Mikrosystemtechnik
Director Freiburg Branch
Head of Technology IL

E-Mail: mick(at)temicon.com
Telefon: +49.761.137 3155-52

Mike Bülters

Ingenieur Elektrotechnik
Head of Product Development

E-Mail: buelters(at)temicon.com
Telefon: +49.231.47730-557

Christoph Stöver

Coordinator R&D Projects

E-Mail: stoever(at)temicon.com
Telefon: +49.761.137 3155-64

Sebastian Matzdorff

Techniker Maschinenbau
Head of Production 

E-Mail: matzdorff(at)temicon.com
Telefon: +49.231.47730-556

Mirko Schäfer

Ingenieur Physikalische Technik
Head of Quality Management

E-Mail: schaefer(at)temicon.com
Telefon: +49.231.47730-568