More detailed information is available here for download. Here you will find information about our company, our company brochures and flyers as well as data sheets of our standard structures and further temicon products.



temicon company brochurePDF
temilux® ID flyerPDF
temilux® flyerPDF
Diffuser flyerPDF
temicon logoJPG
ISO certificatePDF

Data Sheets

Antireflective Structures

High Performance Antireflective MoldsProduct sheet HT-AR-02 (PDF)
Product sheet HT-AR-06 (PDF)
Near Infrared Antireflective MoldsProduct sheet HT-NIR-02 (PDF)

temilux ®ID

temilux ®ID Product sheet Product sheet temilux ®ID  (PDF)

Holographic Diffusers

Flyer Holographic DiffusersPDF
Anti-glare MoldsProduct sheet AG1 (PDF)
Exemplary Diffuser MoldsProduct sheet L80 (PDF)
Product sheet C25 (PDF)

Microlens Arrays (MLAs)

MLA Molds by Interference Lithography Product sheet IL- MLA (PDF)

Diffraction Grating

Diffraction Grating Molds Product sheet HT-DG (PDF)