Innovative – sustainable – invisible

Lighting and light design play an important role in many fields. We are committed to making functional, high-efficiency, high-quality products made in Germany for the lighting industry.

temiLux® — our brand of best-in-class anti-glare prisms (temiLux®ID), light guides (temiLux®LG) and various light diffuser films and diffuser sheets.

innovative – sustainable – invisible | Lighting

Lighting applications


Microstructured glare control prisms per UGR 19 for high light transmission


Modern light guides with one-sided decoupling and ultimate efficiency

Diffuser film / sheet

Diffuser foils or sheets for a wide variety of LED lighting applications

>Diffuser film / sheet
Automotive Lighting

Customer-specific solutions for interior and exterior automotive lighting technology

>Automotive Lighting
Katrin Christiani

Product Manager Lighting

temilux ID

Microstructures for glare control per UGR 19

temiLux®ID is for invisible deglaring for achieving standards-compliant general lighting. It is offered in two versions:

  • temiLux®ID pure indicates the invisible deglaring structure and can be combined with temicon’s SME-C45 or the customer’s own diffuser. The glare control structure is available either as PET film (temiLux®ID pure film) or as a PMMA plate (temiLux®ID pure plate).
  • temiLux®ID linear is a linear deglaring structure that provides outstanding glare control on one axis of the luminaire and is therefore ideally suited for linear luminaires. This product (temiLux®ID linear film) is available in various thicknesses and widths.

Glare control according to standard DIN EN 12464-1, UGR 19 is achieved with the temiLux®ID luminaire components. temiLux®ID glare control structures are mass produced in-house by UV roll imprint.

Quality made in Germany.


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temilux LG

Modern light guides with one-sided decoupling and ultimate efficiency

Light is too expensive to waste. That’s why we offer temiLux®LG, a sustainable light guide element with an ultra-thin design and high energy efficiency.

Invisible micro-structures allow single-sided decoupling without additional reflector film and diffuser and help reduce cost, save energy and preserve the environment. With temiLux®LG Clear and temiLux®LG Spot, we offer two products:

  • temiLux®LG Spot is a light guide that decouples the LED light vertically and can therefore be used as excellent spot lighting. A slim design and invisible micro-structures open a plethora of possibilities.
  • temiLux®LG Clear is a completely transparent light guide that decouples the LED light at about a 30° angle. Its transparency and available dimensions (up to 600 mm x 1500 mm) open completely new possibilities, such as in interior design, showcase lighting or wall wash.


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Diffuser film or diffuser sheet for lighting applications

Surface diffusers with high transmission improve energy efficiency in lighting technology. For various applications in general and automotive lighting, we offer a wide range of different diffusers with diffusion angles from 15° to 125°. These offerings additionally contain circular and elliptical or linear diffusers. In addition to material widths up to 1 m. We also have seamless diffuser film, such as the following:

  • Diffuser film SME-C45
    This diffuser foil, at 1 meter wide and any length, combines the high transmission of a surface diffuser with a very good homogenization effect. It can therefore be used for LED spotlights or office lighting and combines very well with temilux®ID pure.
  • Diffuser film SME-L60
    This is a linear diffuser designed for narrow linear luminaires. This diffuser combines very well with temilux®ID linear.

Our diffuser films are made cost-efficiently through roll-to-roll nanoimprint.


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Automotive Lighting

Diffuser foils, diffuser sheets and microlens arrays for automotive lighting

As a light source, LEDs open new design possibilities in automotive lighting, such as for headlights, taillights and ambient lighting.

Holographic diffuser film or sheet can be used to even the lighting from car taillights or for interior lighting. Microlens arrays (MLA) are used as a component in LED-matrix headlight elements. Both the holographic diffusers and the microlens arrays (MLA) can be adapted to individual customer needs.


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