With electroplating, temicon creates a metal copy of a structured photoresist master. This transfers sensitive nanostructures or microstructures from the photoresist to a stable metal tool.

Transfer of sensitive nanostructures or microstructures from photoresist to a stable metal tool | Electroforming

LIGA process for producing nano- and microstructured nickel shims

For manufacturing nickel shims, the first step is to sputter a thin metallic layer onto the structured photoresist. A nickel layer is then electro-deposited onto the photoresist substrate.

The typical thickness of the shim is in a range from 50 µm to several millimeters. After that, the shim is laser or wire cut precisely to the required dimensions. Depending on the application, the shim can be welded to a sleeve or used as an injection molding insert.  

Microprecision parts are similarly electroplated. Here the electro-deposit ends before the thickness of the photoresist is reached, in order to create micro-hole structures in the metal parts.


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