Nickel Sleeves (with seam)

temicon’s shims can be welded to a sleeve. One or several shims can be welded together to a sleeve depending on the size of the master/shim and the required sleeve size. The maximum possible sleeve size is about 1m width and 300mm diameter.

Typical specifications:

Single Shim Sleeve: ø 190mm, width: 500mm
Multiple Shim Sleeves: ø 300mm, width: 1000mm
Thickness: 125µm - 450µm (depending on diameter)
Weld width: 50µm or 250µm (standard)

Nickel Sleeves (seamless)

temicon has been successful to produce seamless sleeves by means of laser-interference-lithography and electroforming. Sleeves with a diameter of approx. 180mm and width of 150mm are produced as “proof of concept”. Patterns like e.g. linear or circular diffusers, anti-glare or rainbow have been realized.

The target of an actual development project is the transfer of all available shim based micro- and nanostructures seamlessly onto sleeves and to scale-up the process to large sleeve widths.