Injection molded components in μm range

Plastic parts with microstructures or even nanostructures and high integration density are produced in temicon’s automatic 24/7 injection molding facility with a zero defect tolerance.

temicon makes optical components for LED or laser applications using filters with conical pores of only a few micrometers all the way to complex microfluidic chips.

Production of plastic parts with micro- or nanostructures in our 24/7 injection molding facility | Injection molding inserts

Injection molded parts in series

Optical components

To design optical systems to be efficient and high performing, special components are used, such as individual lenses, microlens arrays, diffusers and other beam forming structures. These structures are economically produced in consistent quality from the desired high-performance materials, such as PC, PMMA, COP or COC.

Life science components

In analytics and medical diagnostics, more and more lab-on-a-chip-systems are used to combine a wide range of functions, such as preparation, mixing and optical inspection on a single substrate. Filters with conical pores are produced to customer specifications. Hole diameters of just a few microns with wall angles of 5–25° can be produced.

temicon supports its customers in designing and building prototypes all the way to production of medium-sized and large series.


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Mold inserts for injection molding

Mould, Mold Insert

temicon is a manufacturer of mold inserts that can be precisely cut through wire erosion. For injection molding, either 1–3 mm thick Nickel shims or nickel shims mechanically fascinated to steel are used.

The nickel shims are produced with a wide variety of microstructures or nanostructures. With some limitations, even curved surfaces can be provided with micro- and nanostructures

Functional surfaces by temicon